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Drupal Security Patches - Boring, But Necessary

Drupal Security Patches - Boring, But Necessary

Found this great letter recently from MetalToad to explain to Drupal clients the important of updating security and software patches and updates. I will often tell clients that we will need to do security patches approximately every 6 months, yet some choose to pass on the service.  Updates can sound unnecessary, but when your site rolls to a halt with software errors, or worse - is hacked from a security breach, that pesky 1 hour update seems like a darn good idea. Here's the read...
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Why Drupal?

We are often asked why we are so hot and heavy for Drupal over WordPress. Simply said, WordPress is great for basic content management, but if you want to customize or have a site is scalable, start your project off right and go with Drupal.

Are you a Business Owner with limited web experience, but you just know you 'want a site you can edit' yourself?

Honey Badger Don't Care!

Google Algorithm Changes - Honey Badger Don't Care!

Three little words that instill fear into webmasters everywhere - Google Algorithm Changes.  However, after reviewing the countless changes and blog reports on this issue, don't fret with the countless updates. The basic rules haven't changed.

If you're looking to optimize a site with little content or content that isn't even your own, you have a slim chance of having a successful website. There, I said it.

Stick to the core Google values, and your content WILL get picked up. The (content) truth shall set you free!

Content! Content! Content!

Here's a really great article on why Content is king on the web. Banners are still helpful in branding efforts, but when it comes to strategic SEO efforts that convert to leads/sales, you must create unique content. A banner is just a blip on the screen, versus content offers long lasting benefits to your website.
Read more here:

Pink Army Group Site Launched

Pink Army Group Site Launched!

Big announcements coming soon from this up and coming San Diego girl band! With the big changes and fast-moving face, they needed a more robust content management system to manage their news, calendar, photo gallery and social networking. The client decided to go with Drupal for this fast-moving band's content and social networking needs.

Click here to visit their new website:

Rock on girls!

Site Facelift and Exposure

RICO is a high end sweater and accessory manufacturer here in the United States, but they employ socially conscious business practices by hiring Rice Farmer's wives in Thailand. The network of women who create these beautiful handknit sweaters are able to stay at home with their families and provide a good income to supplement their household. RICO came to us looking for a new conceptual design and advise on how to better market both their retail and wholesale business.

Drupal SANDcamp

SANDCamp this week in San Diego

Brian is on his way to the Drupal SANDcamp tomorrow here in San Diego, and is pretty excited to delve into some new topics. If you're going to SANDCamp and want to connect, please give Brian a shout.   Brian


Is your site showing its age?

Is your site showing its age?

Many great websites may have relevant information, but it's look and function are starting to age.  Even the best-branded websites need to improve on a regular basis. Whether it's simple promotional graphic updates, updating security patches for software or doing a major overall from an outdated flat site to a new and improved content management system, can make it happen quickly and without breaking the bank.  Fight the aging process, and contact us today.